Monday, January 10, 2011

My last night in the states.

I can’t believe this day is finally here.  Tomorrow I’ll be on a plane to London where I will be studying abroad for a semester.  Technically I’ll be going to school 10 miles outside of London, but I’ll only be a short train ride away from the city.  The college I will be attending is Saint Mary’s University in Twickenham. I’ll be taking classes in their applied theatre track.  Instead of trying to reword what their applied theatre track entails I’ll just copy and paste the description from their site:

Drama and Applied Theatre is a course for those who have a passion for changing society for the better and are prepared to take action. Alongside practical sessions, articulate debate and discussion is actively encouraged as we search for the best possible theatrical solutions to fulfil our project briefs. We welcome students who have imagination, enthusiasm and commitment.
In developing your group practice you will be expected to reflect critically on your work, asking yourself two key questions: ‘why are we doing this?’ and ‘who will benefit?’ The course will challenge you physically, emotionally and intellectually whilst calling for empathic understanding and sensitivity to the risks involved in project work.
Drawing on the most innovative current practice the course will equip you with the necessary creative skills to become cultural leaders and make a significant difference to the society of the future.

I’ll be taking four classes or as they are called over there, modules.  I will be taking two classes that will be working on staging a tour of The Canterbury Tales and one class called International Practice and Practitioners.  I have not picked my fourth class yet.  I have a few options but wanted to wait to decide till I met the professors and get a chance to talk to them. 

So maybe I sound calm during this post but honestly I’m freaking out.  The only time I’ve been out of the country was going to Canada last summer.  I have flown solo before but it was to Missoula, Montana so it will not be the same as going internationally.  I have been dreaming about studying abroad in London since I was twelve.  When I was twelve I was obsessed with Orlando Bloom and found out he originally went to college for a B.F.A in acting in London before his film career blew up.  So after nine years of thinking about this it is crazy to think the story will start to unfold tomorrow.  It seems surreal to me.  I know I will grow so much from this experience, and not just as an artist but also as a person.  If I were a person who hyperventilated, I would be right now.  My body is reacting really strongly to my nerves.  I keep having to remind myself to take fuller breaths.  I just hope everything goes smoothly during the flight tomorrow.  I know once I get to the college I’ll be fine.  Before I start obsessing over everything that could go wrong tomorrow I think I will go for some much needed distraction.  Off I go to watch some British stand up comedians, it will be my homework for learning British humor!  


  1. We will miss you! Enjoy your time abroad!

    Lots of love!

    PS, now you should follow my blog too :) Just sayin' lol

  2. Miss you Alyssa, it is quiet here tonight! I hope you get your computer working soon!

  3. hahah, oh Alyssa, i had the same exact reaction to my nerves before going to Viterbo last yr, i know exactly how you felt!!! hope you've calmed down now =D